Established in 1888, Haverford Pty Ltd is a family owned business supplying rope and twine for marine, fishing, industrial, manufacturing, sporting and decorative applications. Buying direct from the importer, our customers receive great value on our very own Double Diamond brand, alongside local and leading international brands. Being one of Australia's largest rope/twine suppliers, we offer service, quality and the lowest prices.

Customers can purchase and checkout via our secure online shop, and delivery is offered Australia Wide.

Trading Accounts and Bulk Purchasing enquiries are also welcome, with Haverford Pty Ltd currently operating wholesale accounts with regular customers in the Marine, Automotive, Mining and Manufacturing industries. Our warehousing capabilities ensure large quantitites are held in stock, with efficient dispatch for urgent and or repeat orders.

Our extensive rope stock includes Polyethylene Rope, Polypropylene Rope, Sisal (natural fibre) Rope, Braided Rope, Sash Cord, Shock Cord, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Lead-Core Rope and Flotation Rope

Our extensive twine stock includes Polyethylene Twine, Nylon Twine,Venetian Blind Cord, Multi-Mono Twine, Sapphire P/E Twine, Lashing Twine and Braided Twine.











Double Diamond brand is synonomous with professional fisherman across Australia and throughout the Pacific Islands. These professionals demand the highest of quality rope and twine, and as such Double Diamond has become the rope/twine of choice. Double Diamond ensures quality, reliability and price.


An Australian rope manufacturer producing top quality rope since 1982. Whittam
ropes supplies us with a range of braided ropes, cord and twines.





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